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We are your source for the Compressed Air Toolkit -- the Auditor's best friend! The Toolkit is an Apple iPhone App with all these capabilities:
  • You may choose either US Customary units, or SI units
  • Converts volumetric flow to mass flow or mass flow to volumetric flow using any standard condition
  • Calculates the pressure drop and velocity in a header based upon pipe material, schedule, length, and specified fittings or upon the assumption that the fittings will increase the length of the pipe by 20 percent
  • Sizes piping based upon velocity and pressure drop
  • Calculates velocity in a pipe
  • Computes barometric pressure from elevation
  • Calculates the capacity of a receiver from field measurements
  • Calculates the required storage to support an event
  • Calculates the capacitance of a receiver, length of pipe, or system
  • Calculates the leak rate from a Pump Down test
  • Calculates the leak rate from a compressor's Load/Unload cycles
  • Calculates annual power costs using motor nameplate data
  • Calculates annual power costs using measured data
    1. Computes power factor from motor nameplate efficiency
    2. Computes motor efficiency from motor nameplate power factor

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